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    Раздел: Заметки. Реплики. Отклики
    Страницы: 325-328
    Автор: Евгений Феликсович ЛОБКОВ, историк, литератор, текстолог. Сфера научных интересов – русский авангард и советское государство, исторические расследования. Автор книги «Маяковский. Политическая биография (Фрагменты)» (2012), а также ряда статей по указанной проблематике. Email: lobkov60@mail.ru.
    Author: Evgeny Feliksovich LOBKOV, historian, writer, textologist. His academic interests include the relationship between Russian avant-garde movement and the Soviet state, historical investigations. He is the author of Mayakovsky: A Political Biography (Extracts) [Mayakovsky. Politicheskaya biografiya (Fragmenty)] (2012) and a number of articles on the mentioned subjects. Email: lobkov60@mail.ru.
    Название: Об авторстве реплики в газете «Искусство коммуны»
    Title: On the Authorship of a Comment in The Art of the Commune [Iskusstvo Kommuny] Newspaper
    Аннотация: Статья представляет собой текстологическое исследование. Цель – установление автора реплики «Сиятельное искусство» за подписью В. в газете «Искусство коммуны». Путем сопоставления различных текстов, а также политических и биографических обстоятельств доказывается принадлежность данной реплики В. Маяковскому.
    Abstract: This textology study looks at a two-sentence comment that appeared in the second issue of the Art of the Commune newspaper on 15 December 1918, under the title Brilliant Art [Siyatelnoe iskusstvo], and signed only with the letter V. It has never been published in any edition of V. Mayakovsky’s works even as a doubtful attribution and nothing has been written about it. The author compares a variety of Mayakovsky’s writings from later years to do with the first performance of Mystery Bouffe [Misteriya-buff]. Researchers have already pointed out that Mayakovsky’s claim that the Macbeths had a stranglehold over the Petrograd stage was not true. The author of the article has been able to determine the sources behind that claim. For the first time, scholars are able to read Petrograd press articles and features covering the opening performance of the first post-revolutionary play, the battle between the Futurists and the ‘Academicians’ and, specifically, Mayakovsky’s own conflict with theatre director M. Andreeva over staging Mystery Bouffe. A comparison of documents and of biographical and chronological facts proves that the comment was indeed made by Mayakovsky.
    Ключевые слова / Keywords: В. Маяковский, М. Андреева, К. Коровин, «Мистерия-буфф», «Искусство коммуны», «Жизнь искусства», «Макбет», Музыкальная драма, наркомат просвещения, V. Mayakovsky, M. Andreeva, K. Korovin, Mystery Bouffe [Misteriya-buff], Art of the Commune [Iskusstvo kommuny], Life of Art [Zhizn’ iskusstva], Macbeth, Musical Drama, People’s Commissariat for Education.
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    Mayakovsky V. V. Tol’ko ne vospominaniya... [Anything but Memoirs...] // Mayakovsky V. V. Complete works. Vol. 12. 1959. P. 149-158.
    Mayakovsky V. V. Ya sam [I, Myself] // Mayakovsky V. V. Complete works in 13 vols. Vol. 1. Moscow: Goslitizdat, 1955. P. 7-29.